Ways to write the Rationale of the study in research.

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When writing your rationale for the study, you justify the purpose and reason why it is so important to conduct the research. This is when you give a reason for your decision to conduct the research in the first place. It highlights the significance and gaps the research study intends to fill. At this stage, you rationalise the need for the study.

Here are a few tips on writing a comprehensive rationale:

  1. Begin by identifying the knowledge gap. Discuss the problem and how it needs to be addressed.
  2. Review existing literature about the topic you intend to explore. This will guide you in identifying gaps and how your research can contribute towards addressing them.
  3. Construct and make sense of your research questions. Ensure that your questions correspond to your research and the reviewed literature.
  4. Describe your research approach. This includes data collection, sampling, and data analysis strategies. Explain why this approach is appropriate for your study.
  5. Discuss the significance of your research. Explain how your research is important and how it will contribute to the existing knowledge or field that you are in.
  6. Highlight the ethical considerations. Discuss the ethical considerations and how you want your research done ethically.

Following these tips and considering your research audience will guide you in compiling a concise study rationale.

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